A&P Bathtub Refinishing for Chicago Homeowners

The exterior painting of your home in northwest Chicago could erode in no time due to harsh weather, wind, and rain. Good thing that Mike Painting Contractors has the solution, providing beautiful, long-lasting finishes. Exterior painting circles around two things - flawless execution and quality materials. Since we are known as the most reliable house painters Northbook.


Our painting contractors offer top-notch painting services in Grove Village, Northbrook, and Palatine Counties, providing competitive estimates and outstanding results. You can guarantee that only high-grade weatherproofing materials and paints are utilized for a longer-lasting outcome, enduring elements, and harsh weather conditions for years. It will allow you to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Our house painters are also familiar with different types of exterior, allowing them to provide unrivaled results. Mike Painting Contractors works with painting experts that have worked with various house painting projects, from concrete to house brick painting. We will utilize our expertise, experience, and best practices to turn any surface of your home beautiful, durable, and valuable. Contact us to discuss your house painting plans today with our experts!

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